Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The First Week

Posted by Katrina at 5:56 AM
Photobucket.com is undergoing some maintenance...so as soon as they are back in order, I will post pictures of my baby at one week old :)

He was finally here and we were so happy to have him in our arms. We knew we would take good care of him!

The baby was very healthy and passed all his tests. It is such a relief to know your baby is healthy, you always worry when you are pregnant, because thats what pregnant women do! There are so many precautions, but when its all finally over and you hold your perfect little angel in your arms, life could not possibly get any better.

We spent 2 days in the hospital after the baby was born so that I could recover from delivery and they could monitor and check up on the baby's weight and vital signs. They would take the baby away from me for about 10 minutes to weigh him and it would seem like he would be gone for hours. I remember laying in bed crying because I missed him so much.

When the day finally came and we were able to go home, it was like magic! We were so excited to bring the baby home!

We really lucked out because we have been blessed with such a well behaved baby. He rarely cries and when he does cry, it's usually because he needs to eat. He is not a very cranky baby. He naps well and sleeps plenty of hours throughout the night. The first couple of weeks, I had to wake him up to feed him or else he would have kept on sleeping. Of course, the older he gets, the more time he will spend awake, but for now, he really helped us get used to be parents in a calm and collective manner.


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